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X8 Energy Gum

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X8Energy Gum is not a candy but a mint flavored high performing gum that uses a patented pharmaceutical technology to deliver X8's proprietary blend of ingredients that leave you energized and able to perform at your peak! Whether you're at the gym, a game, in class, at the office or just going about your busy day, X8 will give you the extra energy you need.

X8 Energy Gum with an Advanced Pharmaceutical Delivery System ("APDS") is a performance engineered formula for long lasting energy, no un-healthy herbal stimulants, no sugar and only 2.5 calories per piece.

Instant Absorption: Enters the body within 10 seconds of chewing! Your body gets up and going 8x faster than any other energy product. X8’s Dual Layer Compression ("DLC") technology was developed for the delivery of pharmaceuticals to optimize the release the active ingredients directly into the bloodstream via saliva, cheeks and gums.

Increases Performance & Stamina: X8 increases alertness, concentration and problem solving. X8’s DLC technology and formula helps stimulate fat burning during physical activities & preserve sugar reserves giving our users a greater supply of energy especially during long periods of physical exertion, Leading to significant endurance improvements.

Boost Energy: X8’s combination of b-vitamins, nutrients and caffeine is designed to give you the energy boost you need. X8 does NOT contain any herbal ingredients such as taurine, ginseng, and guarana.

Inside X8: X8 Energy Gum is specifically formulated to help the body reach its full potential. X8's T advanced blend of amino acids, carbohydrates, b-vitamins, and caffeine delivering instant energy in just one piece
  • Amino Acids:The X8 Amino Blend will give you added focus, peak energy and speedy recovery
  • Carbohydrates: A special formulated blend of carbohydrates delivers fast usable energy
  • Complete B Vitamin Complex: Helps the body to breakdown carbohydrates, metabolize nutrients, and support healthy blood cell production
  • Caffeine: 50mg of caffeine improves mental focus, alertness, concentration, and reaction time
What other are Saying about X8

Energy drinks and shots fill me up and take a while to kick in. X8 gives me immediate long lasting energy to surf longer and stay sharp. X8 tastes great, no jitters, and no spikes, and I don't need a cooler.

~ Peter Mendia, Professional Surfer, X Games 3-Time Gold Medal Winner

To get in peak shape, you're watching every carb and sugar that you put in your body. I use X8 Energy Gum because it is sugar, no unknown herbals, it works instantly and lasts. Plus, I can keep it in my pocket and take one whenever I need it.

~ Jameel "Big Time" McCline, 4 Time Championship Contender

As a mother of 3, I'm always on the go. School, football practice, dance and the routine of managing a busy family have me constantly on the run. I love X8 because it's a quick way to get the energy boost I need without the jittery and nauseous feeling those drinks and shots give me. I reach in my purse and get the energy I need from a minty gum!

~ Adriana, Housewife/Mother of 3, Lake Worth, FL

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